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PolyForce™ structural plastic lumber combines the benefits of long lasting, weather resistant HDPE plastic lumber with the structural characteristic of dimensional wood lumber. PolyForce™ structural plastic lumber begins with purified blends of recycled HDPE plastics – both pre consumer and post consumer such as plastic milk and detergent bottles. We then combine proprietary percentage of fiber strengthening additives, UV–inhibited pigments, anti-oxidant processing aids and foaming agents for a highly stable material that is superior to wood lumber on almost any measure. Some custom colors are specified to be produced with virgin HDPE resin by our customers and therefore have no recycled content.

If structural bearing strength is not important to your application, we can probably meet your needs with PolyTuf™ HDPE plastic lumber.


  • True structural strength comparable to that of treated wood lumber of the same dimensions. Suitable for deck or dock structures and other outdoor applications where structural integrity is required. See Specifications. The suitability for your application should be confirmed by a structural engineer and conform to local building requirements.
  • Manufactured to exacting specifications.
  • Material is easily machined with any tools appropriate for working with real wood. Be sure to wear appropriate eye and respiratory protection devices when working with this or any material and machinery.
  • Exceptional resistance to moisture, fading, insects, splinting, warping and other hazards of environmental exposure common to wood or wood fiber composite products.
  • Requires no waterproofing, staining or other similar recurring maintenance other than an occasional washing with soap and water.
  • High color stability UV pigment systems which minimize material breakdown from prolonged sun and weather exposure.
  • Unlike most wood and wood composite products that quickly fade when exposed to the weather, PolyForce™ has no wood fibers, retains its new look for years and may fade only slightly over its entire service life


PolyForce™ plastic lumber can be formed in virtually any shape and length required for your application. Tangent has over one hundred ready extrusion shapes in house, or we can customize a unique shape to meet your needs.

The standard color for PolyForce™ is medium gray. Special order colors are available in the most common wood-tone colors including Cedar, Sand, Gray, Redwood, Weathered Wood, Light Oak, White, and Tudor Brown. We can also match almost any custom color to suit your application.


PolyForce™ plastic lumber is very well suited for exterior applications where resistance to weathering and minimal maintenance is required, and a quality appearance is essential. PolyForce ™ maintains its color stability and surface finish over its entire useful service life, and never needs to be sealed, painted or stained.

Used in municipal and commercial applications, PolyForce™ plastic lumber is well suited for marine structures, boardwalks, commercial docks; deck planks and other fresh and salt water shoreline applications.


Property ASTM Method Units Value
Specific Gravity D6111 Lbs cubic in 0.0216-0.030*
Water Absorption D570-98 %

< 0.1

Tangent Modulus D6109-05 Psi


Secant Modulus @ 1% Strain D6109-05 Psi


Flexural Strength: @ 3% Strain D6109-05 Psi 2,114
Screw Withdrawal D6117-97 Pounds force


Coefficient of Linear Expansion D6341-98 in/in ° F


* Lower density may occur in larger cross sections

For more techincal information, please click to view the PolyForce™ MSDS Document or the PolyForce™ Technical Data Sheet .

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